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my best song

2008-08-28 16:32:21 by altiar4

look at my best song ignition k ;)


2008-08-27 15:57:16 by altiar4

yay i made my first song its called the hero is back


2008-08-24 18:00:30 by altiar4

i did it come chek back soon for my music i just submited it so it might be a few days but come back soon its my first song


2008-08-24 17:55:03 by altiar4

im going to add music very soon if not now


2008-08-20 20:08:25 by altiar4

plz leave a commet how can i record stuff from my computer if me and my buds were playing music how can i record on my computer plz tell me


2008-08-20 18:17:44 by altiar4

im finally going to start making some music

need help

2008-08-19 12:46:50 by altiar4

how do you make your own music plz tell me

my website

2008-08-18 11:17:49 by altiar4

go to

i might start adding some music

2008-08-18 09:51:53 by altiar4

i working on adding some clasicall music so coe back soon